Moving Services

Self-Move Policy


If an Upper Columbia Conference employee is approved to move him/herself and expects reimbursement for moving expenses, the employee must get an approval form signed by the Upper Columbia Conference Moving Services Director. In the event a self-move is approved, the following will be the policy:

  1. The Upper Columbia Conference Moving Services Director may, at his discretion, approve a self-move when the relocating employee’s belongings do not warrant a full-sized vehicle or to attempt moving the employee would create a hardship on the moving schedule.
  2. The employee must submit a load sheet, listing all of their belongings to be moved, to the Moving Services Department – 45 days in advance of their desired move date.
  3. The employee must get approval from the Moving Services Director on the size of vehicle to be rented.
  4. The employee must be able to get all of their belongings in the rented vehicle in one trip. The Upper Columbia Conference will reimburse one (1) one way trip, from the old residence to the new residence.
  5. Upper Columbia Conference will only reimburse a completely filled out, legible and verifiable statement/invoice/receipt accompanied by a previously signed self-move authorization from the Moving Services Director.
  6. Upper Columbia Conference will only reimburse fuel and toll receipts that follow the most direct route, from the employee’s old residence to their new residence.
  7. Upper Columbia Conference will not reimburse any costs to modify or equip an employee’s vehicle to pull a trailer.
  8. Upper Columbia Conference will not reimburse costs associated with the repair of an employee’s vehicle.
  9. Purchase the standard moving protection insurance package offered by the rental company, mail in the receipt and you will be reimbursed.
  10. It is the employee’s responsibility to let the Moving Services Director know if they have concerns about pulling a trailer safely. Upper Columbia Conference assumes no liability for any accident/incident involving a Upper Columbia Conference employee’s operation of rental equipment during a self-move