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Nov 6 2007 4:52PM kevin wrote
   Great Rally!
Jul 22 2008 8:28AM Maggie Nesmith wrote
   Thanks for uplifting stories in the bulletin. We really enjoy them, keep 'em coming!
Jul 22 2008 9:25AM RANDALL wrote
   Can't wait for the Colville Rally! I've been to one of your other rallies and it was great. My family really enjoyed the focus on education and the inspiring stories from those who have benefitted from others sponsoring their education. Kudos the the KEEP program for keeping our kids in Adventist schools! See you there! --Randall J.
Oct 22 2008 8:08AM Beth Vallir wrote
   The music concert was so uplifting! THanks!
Oct 20 2009 2:48PM Susan wrote
   I really appreciated L.Roo McKenzie. His talk was very pointed and an affirmation to those families already committed to Adventist Christian Education and hopefully a wakeup call to those families that have not made the committment to Adventist Education for their family. to be continued...
Oct 20 2009 2:49PM Susan wrote
   Part 2... The program's translating issues were unfortunate, undoubtedly an effort to discourage our Hispanic families. I appreciated that translators were willing to get up front to translate during the program until the equipment was fixed. I didn't mind the program running late. I felt it was worth the time spent so everyone could understand the message and the testimony.
Oct 20 2009 3:16PM Holly M. wrote
   Nice to see local churches getting involved. Thanks for the program :)
May 29 2010 11:42AM ANIEDU UGOCHUKWU wrote
Dec 12 2010 10:02AM Abraham Lincoln Owusu wrote
   I am really glad about the job you are doing. I wish to initiate Streams of Light in Ghana, at Madina CEntral S. D. A. Church, in the South Ghana Conference. Can you please send me some information and documents ie constitution, policis etc.
Mar 9 2011 5:42PM Kevin Helbley wrote
   I miss the events.