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Chris Terry - July 2009
What A Difference...a week can make in a life

Joan Giba - June 2009
What Kind of Church...would meet in a motel?

Moises Ramirez - March 2009
A Different Culture...than his public school experience
En español voz de Dios

Jaime Rodgriguez - November 2008
Riding the School Bus...One families journey from heartache to joy
En español

Viajando en el autobús escolar... La travesía de una familia del dolor al gozo

Kaylyn - August 2008
Meeting Christ at Campfire
En español

Conociendo a Cristo en la fogata

Lauren Peterson - May 2008
Go...Be Mentors
En español
Por tando id, y sed mentores

Karen Villanueva - March 2008
Fear Replaced...with the sense of God's Spirit - September 2007
Impact the reaching Kids like these

Michelle Bechtel - August 2007 develop skills and character

Joe - June 2007
Joe Has God's promise of provision

Jessica - March 2007
Small gets blessed by big hearts
En español
Escuela Pequeña…una familia es bendecida por corazones grandes

Steve Walker - January 2007
Music, Melons...and mission bridge the community - November 2006

Really Cool Stuff...that leads to Jesus

Mark Rearrick - August 2006
Permission Given...but it wasn't easy

JoySpring Church Plant - March 2006
Most Thrilling...and productive form of church growth. - January 2006
Real Children...are learning about Jesus

Dustin Kelly - November 2005
Ministry...and miracles happen daily at MiVoden

Mearl & Linda Jones - September 2005
Monthly Giving...a mission for Mearl & Linda Jones

KEEP - July 2005
Kids like this...need an Adventist education

Mark Witas - January 2004
The difference for me!

Celeste - May 2003
Investing In Our Kids!

Luis & Veronica Rosales - January 2003
Investing In God!