Family Ministries Personnel


Men's Ministries


Singles' Ministries

  • Pastor Jeff Wines, director, Singles' Ministries
  • Cheryl Wallace, administrative assistant, Singles' Ministries
  • vacant, coordinator and NAD representative, Singles' Ministry and MiVoden retreats



  • Pastor Jeff Wines, director, Pathfinders, Family Life, Singles' and Men's Ministries
  • Cheryl Wallace, administrative assistant, Pathfinders, Adventurers and Family Life



Pathfinder Coordinators

John Wenger, head coordinator for Pathfinders (509) 935-8398
Dave Workman and Susie Workman, area coordinators, North Lakes District
Dave Gordon,area coordinator, Blue Mountain District
Imogene Thomas, area coordinator, East Cascade District
June Cross, area coordinator, Columbia Basin District
Rick and Estee Pummel, coordinators, Teen Extreme
Steve Meharry, coordinator, Teen Mission Adventure
Elder Darayl & Sandy Larsen; Hispanic Coordinators
Dave Workman, and Susie Workman, First Aid Coordinators

UCC Bible Experience Bowl Coordinator, Tony Phillips

Pathfinder Event Specialists: Mary Belsby, Cheri Bullock, Paul Daniel, David Dickerson, Peter Fenton, Roy and Patty Frazier, Michael  Jeffery, James  Jeffery;  Daniel Jeffery and David Jeffery.

Adventurer Coordinators

Lita Fenton, head coordinator, editor, Adventurer Newsletter
Arlita Parr, north district coordinator
Anita Lebold, south district coordinator
Everly Batuik, south district assistant coordinator



Mailing & Physical Address:

Upper Columbia Conference
3715 S Grove Rd
Spokane WA 99224