Upper Columbia Conference Microsoft Lync 2010

Audio and Video Conferencing Information and Support Page

The Upper Columbia Conference has established a Microsoft Lync phone system which enables us to host our own audio and video conferencing.

This technology initiative gives us a cost effective method of multi-media communications with our churches, schools, pastors, teachers and members. This saves travel expenses, helps us use our time more effectively and enables distance learning.

Our conferencing service is intended to facilitate meetings between any church, school or group, not just the conference office.

Church Example: A church may be planning an evangelistic effort and needs to have a meeting with the evangelist who is not in town. The church could choose to meet with the evangelist via this conferencing service.

School Example: A school needs a class that is taught by a certified teacher in another school somewhere in the conference. This service could bridge the classrooms on a daily basis.

In the future UCC entities will be able to schedule their own meetings. Until then please contact the UCC ITS staff to set up a meeting or to learn more about requirements.

To attend a presentation you do not need any software. An invitation is sent out via email and the people who receive the invitation click on a link to join the meeting. The link takes you to a web site where you are able to see and hear the presentation.

To participate in a meeting you need to install a simple software package on your computer or call in on a phone line to participate in the audio conference.

To present in a meeting you must have software installed.

System Requirements:

How to Connect:

If you have not used MS Lync 2010 Attendee before or if you want the latest software you need to install the software BEFORE the meeting time. Click the link below to download the software. You should select the run option as the software download progresses. (this varies with whatever browser you are using)

Click here to download the Lync 2010 Attendee software

After installing the software you may join the meeting early so that you can prove that the software is working. Your meeting host should be on at least 15 minutes early to help you test.

To join the meeting return to your invitation email and click on "Join the meeting".

Technical Assistance:

Click here to get help Contact Information