Church Survey, rev'10
Pastoral Evaluation, rev2-10 (PDF)
Pastoral Evaluation, revised 2-25-10 (Word)



Evangelism Forms


Demographic Request Form (no cost to pastors)
Letter-EvangelismAllocationPlanning 2016
Memo-2016 Evangelism Documents Summarized
UCC Evangelism-Outreach Subsidy Request '16 (Word)
UCC Evangelism-Outreach Subsidy Request'16 (PDF)
Evangelism Budget Form (Fillable Word)
Evangelism Budget Form (PDF)
NPUC Soul Winning-EquipmentRequestFORM (Word)
NPUC Soul Winning-EquipmentRequestForm (PDF)
REPORT-UCC Evangelism Rev'd 2-17-16  (Open, resave/rename then click each box to complete; save again)
10 Gardening Commandments


No Home Left Behind (idea for DVD Evangelism)



Sample Bulletins, 8.5x11


Sample Pew Request Cards, run front/back

Pew Card-vertical layout -use to resave file on computer & personalize


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