Adventists and Others Receive Criticism for Community Service, Respond with Love.

Source: The Jamaica Observer

Seventh-day Adventist volunteers in Jamaica were among a group of 10,000 Christian volunteers mobilized to beautify their capital city and other sections of the island in preparation for the ICC Cricket World Cup, which starts next month. Their efforts, however,were greeted by some with criticism and a “tongue-lashing” according to the Jamaica Observer. But the volunteer’s leader responded with love and forgiveness.

"I am ashamed of the church," a critic said. "To be cleaning up today when for years and for decades this country is filthy and dirty. Where were they? I call them hypocrites. I call them Pharisees. When poor people can't get medication in the hospitals, when there are not enough beds, when the roads are not fixed, the youth can get no employment and over $8 billion is being used to hold a World Cup? Something is wrong. We must speak out as Christians, no matter who is involved," critics said. "Where is the voice of the people of God when scarce resources are being thrown at World Cup Cricket?

The volunteers, who came from about 40 different church organizations and denominations, cleaned up several areas of Kingston, Jamaica, in preparation for the event not only to make the country presentable to visitors, but to use the event as an opportunity to minister the gospel in the hope of winning souls for Christ.

"God has caused Cricket World Cup to come to Jamaica," said volunteer organizer Rev Errol Rattray, "We can either let the opportunity pass or we can seize the moment. The moment has arrived for the church. The moment has also arrived for evangelism."

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