Donors Give $14 Million for Mission Projects in 2006

Global Mission pioneers in India poase with a new group of believers in a remote Indian village. [Photo: Adventist Mission]Source: Adventist Review

[May 21, 2007] The General Conference Office of Global Mission reported a record-breaking year in 2006 with some $5.3 million distributed to more than 1,800 projects around the world, said church officials. Combined with funds from other local church organizations, the projects worldwide totaled almost $14 million.

The Adventist Mission Committee, meeting on April 2 at the church’s world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, approved 292 projects for 2007, with Global Mission funding $928,954 of the $3.5 million budget. Additional projects will be approved throughout the year.

“These projects wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our donors,” says Gary Krause, director of Adventist Mission.

Many projects involve sending Global Mission Pioneers to places no church members exist. Global Mission Pioneers are laypeople who dedicate several years of their lives to establish new groups of believers in unentered areas.

The committee also approved six Hope for Big Cities projects to establish congregations in the greater London, England, area. These allocations are part of the overall Hope for Big Cities initiative, which involves planting churches in some of the world’s largest urban areas.

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