Spokane Central Receives Compassion Award

by Ruth Lenz

Paul Hoover, president of UCC hands the grant funds to Spokane Central Church pastor, Dayv Lounsbury.
Photo by Art Lenz
Members of Central Church are sharing the love of Jesus to their community through their little house project - Discovery Junction.

SPOKANE, Wash., August 17, 2016  -  On August 13, 2016, Central Church in Spokane, Washington, received a check for $15,000 to encourage Discovery Junction to continue to make a difference in the community.  According to Dayv Lounsbury, senior pastor, Central is the only church in the conference and union that has applied for and received funding for a Compassion Model Church grant. 

Paul Hoover, Upper Columbia Conference President, presented the check to Pastor Lounsbury on Sabbath morning.  “Evangelism isn’t just sharing events about prophecy,” stated Hoover.  “It is sharing the love of Jesus without even using words.  And that is what Discovery Junction is doing.”

Discovery Junction, an Adventist Community Service ministry, is located between Central Church and its fellowship hall. This ministry, based in a small house, hosts the program, STEAM Ahead.  STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  Only about six months old, this ACS program is designed to nurture students in the Central Church neighborhood by providing 3rd and 4th graders with an enriched after-school program and first to eighth graders with summer camp learning opportunities each summer.  “This is an important ministry,” says Rachel Sumagpang, STEAM Ahead director. “Besides knowing they are safe, valued, and learning fun things, we have the opportunity to introduce these children to Jesus and His love.”

This grant, comprised of money given by the North American Division, the North Pacific Union, and the Upper Columbia Conference, is seed money to encourage a long-term, sustainable program at Discovery Junction.  Many volunteers and hard-working church members are helping to make this ministry a blessing to the children of the neighborhood.

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