Jere Patzer to Begin Additional Lymphoma Treatment

Jere D Patzer will begin additional treatment for cancer in March.
Jere D Patzer, President of the North Pacific Union will begin treatment for a relapse in cancer beginning in March.

[March 17, 2008] Gleaner Online

North Pacific Union Conference president, Jere D. Patzer, has experienced a relapse in his battle with non-Hodgkins mantle cell lymphoma.

In an announcement released on Friday, February 29, he says he expects to begin treatment on Monday, March 3, at the Providence Cancer Center in Portland, Oregon. Presiding over the treatment program will be Dr. Nicholls, the same doctor who previously treated him at the Oregon Health Sciences University Medical Center.

Dr. Patzer says the indicators give him good reason for optimism this time and that the treatment regime should be far less strenuous and much shorter than before.

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