Fire Severely Damages Upper Columbia Conference Headquarters Update

Firefighter spraying water on the burning Upper Columbia Conference building in Spokane, WA.SPOKANE, December 29, 2008 11:42 a.m. -- The Upper Columbia Conference office was significantly damaged by fire, Sunday, December 28.

Crews from eight fire stations fought the flames throughout the day Sunday. In spite of their efforts, over two-thirds of the building has burned to the ground including the Adventist Book Center, board room and central administrative offices. The remaining wing, has suffered significant smoke and water damage. No one was injured in the blaze and the cause is under investigation.

Firefighters say the fire started in the Adventist Book Center, a Christian bookstore, and spread to the rest of the building. Herman Schreven, the bookstore manager learned of the fire when his wife, a lieutenant with Fire District 3, was dispatched to the scene.

The UCC office houses the studio for Spokane’s Positive Life Radio, 104.9 FM, and He's Alive TV, UHF Ch. 39, which are both currently off the air due to the fire. Staffers are currently determining the extent of the damage and seeking to get the stations back on the air as soon as possible.

In addition to the media disruptions, the fire temporarily disrupted the conference’s phone and internet services. The main office phone and fax numbers have since been rerouted to an offsite location. The conference technical staff are working to get email restored within the next few days.

Conference leaders are working on interim headquarters options and are contacting staff to ensure continuity of essential services.

Images of Upper Columbia Conference Headquarters Fire

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