Feeding the Masses

by Diana Burns

The efficient cafeteria staff kept the serving lines stocked and moving quickly.

SPANGLE, Wash., June 16, 2012 - Providing three meals a day for hungry campers can be a tall order for many kitchens.  But it’s just another 13 hour day of work for the kitchen staff at Camp Meeting 2012. 

Staffed with six to ten volunteers each meal, they have served over 900 meals every day.  On Sabbath they prepared to serve another 900 guests for Sabbath lunch alone.   

Kelly Santee, Food Service Director for UCA, and his crew are up early working by 6:30 every morning to prepare breakfast and often don’t leave until 7:30 that evening after all is cleaned and prepped for the next day.  You’d never know, however, as the staff move energetically and with warm smiles providing delicious food and excellent service.  

Campers have enjoyed a wide variety of tasty menus including vege-bugers, a potato bar and even rice and curry.  Vegan alternatives are readily available and there is always a cereal bar and fresh fruit as an option.  

We are so grateful for the incredible coordination and service the cafeteria staff has provided.  Please take a moment to thank them for all of their dedication and hard work.