The Blueprint

by Kathy Marson

Martin Doblmeir's most recent documentary focuses on Adventist Education.
The film portrays eight Adventist schools across America for their unique qualities.
A student at the Navaja Indian School learns a trade.

Spokane, Wash., December 9, 2013 - The Blueprint," Martin Doblmeir’s new one-hour documentary for Public Television on the Adventist school system is scheduled to air on PBS in 2014. Doblmeier, of Journey Films, has followed up his pair of films, The Adventists and The Adventists 2 with The Blueprint, which is focused on Adventist education. This new film portrays eight Adventist schools across America including The Bronx, N.Y., where the concern is the very safety of the children. At Arizona’s Holbrook Indian School, Navajo students are discovering ways to combine their native culture with modern American life. In Colorado, a school is using the beauty of nature to reveal each child’s role in creation. In Alabama, where over a century ago missionaries brought education by boat to the newly freed slaves — today a school is thriving. In North Carolina, a program mixes academics with hands-on trades in keeping with the vision of Ellen White. The Blueprint is also available for purchase at the ABC. For more information call: 509-838-3168 or go to their website here."

Journey Films was founded in 1983 by award-winning filmmaker Martin Doblmeier as a television and film production company specializing in religion, faith and spirituality. Journey has produced more than 25 major documentary films that have aired on PBS, ABC, NBC, the BBC, The History Channel and other networks in the United States and abroad. To watch a trailer of The Adventists, click here.