Loss of a Missionary

by Kathy Marson

The Mandigo family pictured here, are in Guyana on a short-term mission trip. 

Spirit Lake, Idaho., March 19, 2014 --  We are sad to share news of the death of Loren Mandigo, member of Spirit Lake Church. He passed away Sunday, March 16, 2014 of Malaria. He and his family were serving in Kenya as missionaries.

They left their home in Idaho in October of 2013 for a two year commitment to help develop and establish a Mission training Institute, called Sutherland Bible College. Their web site has an account of his passing and is available here.

Wayne Hicks says, “We’ve known Loren and Lisa since they were Pathfinders. There just isn’t a more dedicated couple. Dedicated to their family, dedicated to their fellow man, dedicated to God.”

His pastor, Dayv Lounsbury says, “"The death of Loren Mandigo is a tragic loss.  Loren was a wonderful father and a leader in our church.  He had a heart for the mission field and he died following his master in this calling.  His wife and four children need all our prayers.  How much more anxiously we now await the coming of Jesus and the resurrection of all the saints."

Pray for Loren’s wife, Lisa, and children, Victoria, Moriah, Jessica and Jonathan in Kenya.

A pictoral View of his life