Adventist  Response for Oso Landslide

by Dale Johnson

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An arial view of the landslide near Oso, Washington

Spokane, Wash., March 27, 2013  -  Many church members have asked how they could best help the people in the Oso area in Western Washington that have been affected by the mudslides.  Over 24 deaths, 48 houses destroyed, 12 houses damaged by water have been reported and the numbers will likely continue to increase. 

Earlier this week Adventist Community Service Directors and Volunteers were part of a conference call  that included county and state disaster relief representatives.  Since we cannot directly respond in warehouse relief or are not qualified to do direct rescue and search duties, it was suggested by county organizers, and our group concluded, that the best aid would be donated money.

During the Super Storm Sandy on the New Jersey Shore, one UCC Seventh-day Adventist Church raised more than $7,000 in a free will offering.  We would like to encourage pastors to offer the opportunity for people to give to help fellow Washingtonians in this time of disaster.

There is a formal process where pastors send the money to the UCC Disaster Relief Fund.  The money is recorded, dispensed, and reported by the ACS director.  No money is used for administrative or other cost so everything goes to assist those in desperate need.

Thank you and your church family for considering this request.

~ this release is from Dale Johnson who volunteers as coordinator for disaster response in Upper Columbia Conference.

Click here for more information from Washington Conference web site.

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