UCA Students Build in Zambia

by Joe Hess

The UCA team helped build an additional building to help the Mukuyu Project further its ministry. Photo by Saige McCann. 
The team works on the beginning stages of the community center. Photo by Saige McCann. 
UCA students construct a community center that will be used to educate women and feed the elderly. Photo by Saige McCann. 
Students pack out their bags to begin the long journey home. Photo by Saige McCann. 

Spangle, Wash., May 14, 2014  -  Twenty seven Upper Columbia Academy students traveled to Zambia, Africa during spring break on a mission trip to assist in continuing to develop the Mukuyu Project. Located on the banks of the Zambezi River, the Mukuyu Project was developed to support the people of the Siavonga district through humanitarian aid and education.

The plot of land that Mukuyu Project calls home currently has a school (made up of 6 structures) and a church. The main project that UCA students helped with was building a community center. The structure will be used to teach women different trades. In that region of Zambia the women work in order to make enough money to feed their families.

“It makes you feel really good that we were able to assist in giving these women a place to learn so they can provide for their families,” said Saige McCann, UCA student. “It is amazing to see how hard they work to make sure their families are taken care of.”

In addition to serving as an education facility for women, the Mukuyu Project is planning on using the community center to feed the elderly which will be a new aspect of their ministry.

The eight days that students were at the project allowed them to assist with pouring sidewalks, repairing a roof and building a retaining wall as well.

While on the trip students slept in tents and sleeping bags, adding to the experience.

“Mission trips are an amazing way to see God at work in our world,” said Fred Riffel, UCA Chaplain. “What amazes me is watching the students respond to God calling them to service. We were there to serve the people in Zambia, but the students went above and beyond. It was awesome.”