Why I Pray

by Genesis Carrion Estrada

Genesis was one of two students chosen to share their essay on "Why I Pray" at the Yakima Washington National Day of Prayer luncheon in May. She is pictured with the city mayor, who was present along with other city officials, pastors and local business people.
Genesis is a sixth-grade student at Yakima Adventist Christian School. 


Yakima, Wash., July 3, 2014 -

I pray because when I have problems or worries, I don’t always want to share with other people. I can always talk to God though. When I do want to talk to my mom or older sisters, I have to wait until we are together, but with God, I can talk to Him wherever I want. Anywhere I am. He may not answer right away and literally talk to me with His voice, but He’ll do it in many different ways.

That’s why I pray so that I can listen to what He wants to tell me. So that I pay attention to Him and keep Him #1 in my life. I pray for many things like when I’m reading the Bible, that He will help me understand it. Then I can tell others what I’ve learned. I thank Him so much for the things I have that others don’t. Like my caring and loving family, a house, food, friends, and that I can go to a very good school. I pray to Him because He has performed many miracles in my life.

A very big one was when my parents were barely becoming Adventists. My dad almost got cancer. He had to have surgery, but if he did, he wouldn’t be able to have any more children. But God didn’t want that, so He healed him. Then I was born and my dad was so surprised and happy.

That’s why he named me Genesis, because it was a beginning of a new life which included God. And I thank Him so much for that.

Genesis and her parents, Lazaro and Maria Carrion were guests at the Yakima National Day of Prayer luncheon in May of this year. Genesis and her family are members of the Yakima Spanish Church.