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Pathfinder Fair

The Pathfinder Fair is held the weekend after Mothers' Day.   We have a camping fair that lasts for a full weekend.  We in the past have the fair at a county fairground (good place for a fair, huh?) located somewhere in the conference. For the last ten years we have held the fair at one of three locations: Upper Columbia Academy; Walla Walla Valley Academey; or at the Fair Grounds in Lewiston. 

You just can’t miss the Pathfinder fair.  You would miss too many good things that happen.  Interesting speakers, good music, a chance to show off your honor displays, drill teams, “Simon Says” drill down, motor home TP’ing,  camping with other clubs, getting your club inspected by area coordinators and directors from other clubs, presentation of club trophies, a “Big Event” that is always fun, and so much more happens at the Pathfinder fair.  Read every newsletter for information about things you may have to prepare for before arriving at the fair. The “Big Event” usually takes some preparation time for the club.  Come prepared to participate and to have fun!

Here is an example schedule of events for the weekend:


3-5:00 PM      Registration and Honor Display Set-up

5:00 PM         Supper

7:30 PM         Evening Assembly

8:30 PM         Club Directors’ meeting

9:30 PM         All lights out and all quiet


7:00 AM         Reveille

7:30 AM         Breakfast

8:15 AM         Campsite Inspectors'  Meeting

8:30 AM         Campsite and personal inspection

9:20 AM         Assemble for Grand Parade

9:30 AM         Grand parade and church service

11:00 AM       Sabbath School

12:00 PM       Lunch

2:00 PM         Round robin, clubs on their own, or conference wide event

5:00 PM         Supper

6:30 PM         Vespers

8:00 PM         Big event

9:30 PM         Club directors’ meeting

10:30 PM       Curfew


7:00 AM         Reveille

7:30 AM         Club worship

8:00 AM         Breakfast

9:15 AM         Morning assembly

10:00 AM       Drill teams

12:00 PM       Drill down

12:30 PM       Closing Ceremony

1:00 PM         Tidy up the place and head for home


At any conference, union, or division event the club director is expected to register their entire club during the published hours of registration before Sabbath and to pay any required fees at that time if the fees haven’t already been paid.  Registration is also where you will pick up a schedule of events for the event, patches, and whatever else applies to the event. For some events preregistration is required with a discount given for early registration. Be sure to watch for those registration deadlines.

The directors and area coordinators are expected to attend the directors’ meetings during the event so they are aware of any changes or needs that arise.  The director is also responsible to make sure the Pathfinders in the club are quiet from lights out until the published wake up time. If a club is not quiet anytime from curfew to reveille, ten points may be deducted from their points total for the year.  With 600 to 800 other campers at conference events or up to 10,000 campers at division events, you don’t want to be responsible for those other campers loosing their sleep.  You are outnumbered!