Ways to Give Twice

Charitable Remainder Trust

As a means to provide current income for one's own benefit or that of others, a Charitable Remainder Trust can provide an excellent estate planning tool.  Many people find themselves holding valuable but non-income producing assets like land, assets which have appreciated in value, and which will be significantly taxed if sold.

A Charitable Remainder Trust provides a proven way to convert such assets into a steady income stream while avoiding the capital gains tax that would otherwise be owed. Initially, assets are placed irrevocably into the Trust and then sold by the trustee, with the proceeds converted into an income stream to benefit the donor or others for life or a predetermined period of years.  When the donor or other recipients pass away, or the time period ends, the remaining trust value passes to charity, tax free.

Listen to Roberta's story below about the benefits she found for herself and a cause she cared deeply about when she created a Charitable Remainder Trust.


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