Streams of Light

Coins for Cabins

Use Change to Make a Change at Camp MiVoden

Do your part to help raise money for Camp MiVoden! Print out a customized label to place on a Pringles® potato chip can and start filling it with change. Send in what you saved to help build new cabins for Camp MiVoden!

Coins for Cabins Label

Choose a can size for a printable PDF file.

1.52 oz can label
2.6 oz can label
5 1/8 oz can label

Coins for Cabins Directions

  • Buy a Pringles® potato chip can (1.52oz or 2.6oz or 5 1/8 oz)
  • Print out label, make sure your printer is set to print the page at 100%
  • Cut along the dashed lines (you may need to trim a little for a good fit)
  • Remove lid on Pringles® potato chip can and enjoy chips!
  • Use double-stick tape or regular tape on the backside of label on the left and attach to Pringles® potato chip can
  • Wrap label around and place tape on backside of label, overlapping at end to secure in place
  • Take lid and place on hard surface facing down
  • Use a sharp knife or razor blade (with adult supervision) and cut a slot in the middle of the lid to be approximately 1 1/2” long and 1/4” wide
  • Replace lid to can
  • Place your Coins for Cabins in a cup holder in your car, on your desk at work or anywhere at home!
  • Get started filling your Coins for Cabins can knowing you’re making a positive difference for the future!

  1. Mail in your donations to
    Streams of Light—Coins for Cabins
    3715 S. Grove Rd.
    Spokane, WA 99224