UCA Elementary School Featured at Mini Maker Faire

Mr. Duckett and a few of his students were featured at the Mini maker Faire hosted at Spokane Valley Barnes & Noble

UCA Staff and Students Clean Up Wind Storm Damage

Following the traditional Wednesday assembly, more than 50 Upper Columbia Academy students joined staff working around campus and in downtown Spangle to clear trees and clean up tree limbs and debris that had been thrown around during the wind storm.

We believe the Creator's design is for "whole person" development—mental, physical and spiritual. No matter what your religion or philosophy of life, an Adventist school education can help your child make better moral decisions and grow up to become a trustworthy community leader.

From its humble beginnings in the mid-1800s, Adventist education has grown into a system of schools that teaches over 1.2 million students in nearly 145 countries worldwide. Our teachers immerse themselves in the latest educational research and use cutting-edge teaching techniques to achieve scientific results. At the same time, they deeply care about students striving to make learning fun.

Meet Our Staff

Larry D. Marsh
Education Vice President

Rochelle Stanton
Associate Superintendent

Shelle Blake
Administrative Assistant

Suzette McCrary
Executive Assistant