Math Fun Fair

Tri-City Adventist School was abuzz with eager elementary and middle school students and their families on a brisk March evening.

Belize Captures Hearts of Volunteers

Thirty-four students and adults from Cascade Christian Academy and Wenatchee Church flew to Belize to build a security fence around ...

Islam in Prophecy at Camp Meeting

The Islam and Christianity Seminar, that created quite a buzz around Spokane, are coming to UCC camp meeting.

NPUC Bible Experience Comes to Spokane

"Nine Pathfinder teams from around the Northwest gathered at UCC on March 8, 2014 for the NPUC Pathfinder Bible Experience."

Share the Life encourages members to foster a lifestyle of sharing Jesus. In addition, it trains and equips members and entire churches for soul-winning service for Christ.

Join our Share the Life team today and become an Outreach Coordinator. This exciting position will put you at the heart of the action. 

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Calendar of Events


4 Sunset 7:24 p.m. (Spokane)
6-8 WW University Days
10 Academy Day UCA
11 Fountainview Academy Concert at Spokane Valley Church
11-12 NAD Pathfinder Bible Achievement Bowl
11-13 Pathfinder Teen Extreme Rock Climbing Adventurer
11 Sunset 7:34 p.m. (Spokane)
12 Fountainview Academy Concert at College Place Village Church
13 Lay Advisory Committee
14-19 CCA and WWVA Spring Week of Prayer
17-20 Journey to the Cross, Spokane Valley
18 Sunset: 7:44 p.m. (Spokane)
18-20 Hispanic Women's Retreat
(Camp MiVoden)
21-26 UCA Spring Week of Prayer
24-27 WWU Alumni Weekend
25 Sunset 7:54 p.m. (Spokane)
28-May 2 Outdoor School for grades 5-8 (Camp MiVoden)
1 UCA Homeleave Begins
2 Sunset: 8:03 p.m. (Spokane)
5-9 UCC Outdoor School grades 5-6 (MiVoden)
9 Sunset: 8:13 p.m. (Spokane)
10 NAD Youth Sabbath
15-17 NPUC Regional Convocation (Camp Barachah)
16 Sunset 8:22 p.m.
16-18 UCC Pathfinder Fair
20 Conference Executive Committee
23 Sunset: 8:30 p.m.
23-24 Hispanic Camp Meeting
(College Place) 



UCC Calendar of Events

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