Let's Move in Upper Columbia

Office Staff in Upper Columbia Conference enjoyed a walk on the Jay Sloop Memorial Trail Monday to celebrate Let's Move Day.

Spokane Central Receives Compassion Award

Spokane Central Church receives $15,000, a Compassion Model Church grant, for their ministry to the community through Discovery Junction.

Five Tips for Educating Our Kids

CognitiveGenesis Study done through the Seventh-day Adventist Church has found certain practices to be integral in helping your children excel and learn school. Here are five of them.

Community Service, then Camp Meeting

"2016 Hispanic Camp Meeting kicked off with community service projects. Members from across Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) spent a week touching their communities through service projects the entire week prior to the annual UCC Hispanic Camp Meeting, which began June 18"

You can watch the recent camp meeting archived videos.

Camp Meeting Info

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