UCC Camp Meeting - June 17-20, 2015

Join us in 2015 for the next Upper Columbia Conference Camp Meeting. Our main speaker will be Ted Wilson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Registration begins on October 1, 2014 for this camp meeting. Plan now to attend and invite your family and friends! You will not want to miss this camp meeting!
The meeting links on the right are all for this current year. We will update them in 2015. 

Please enjoy the audio recordings of our seminars and the video recordings of the main meetings. We were blessed this year with our technology team!  (PDF).


Seminars will be held both days on Thursday and Friday at 9:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Seminar Presenters:

Pastor Paul Blake

Tim Roosenberg - Islam and Christianity in Prophecy 
This seminar carefully explores and unlocks the mysterious book of Daniel, specifically chapter 11, unveiling a thrilling picture of prophecy that includes the past, present, and future roles of Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, and the United States in the final conflict ahead.  Tim Roosenberg is Idaho Conference evangelist and author of the book, Islam & Christianity in Prophecy: a study of Daniel 11. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Pastor Paul Blake

Paul Blake - Fundamental Beliefs and why they matter
Paul Blake is the senior pastor of the Spokane South Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Do the doctrines matter? This seminar will look at four major doctrines and how they effect the picture of Jesus.  The four areas we covered in this seminar are: The Law and Sabbath,  The State of the Dead, The Judgement, and The Covenants.   The gospel message is effected by each of these doctrines and changing these doctrines changes the picture of Jesus.  Come and see a clearer more beautiful picture of Jesus and His salvation given on the cross. Presented in four sessions. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Don Hall

Don Hall DrPH, CHES - Health, Stress, Diabetes and Food Topics
Don Hall is a fitness, nutrition, coronary health and health promotion expert. He started the Spokane Health Education Center and  developed wellness programs for school districts and worksite programs through his company Wellsource.  Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Charles Brown

Charles Brown -  Responding to Conflict Biblically
Elder Charles R. Brown is president of Adventist Reconciliation Ministries and is a certified Christian conciliator and an ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister. He and his wife, Marjorie have two grown children. This seminar is for all who serve in any type of leadership position. Discover how to resolve conflice with biblical principals. Learn appropriate Christian responses to conflict at home or at work in the church or community and how to respond to conflict from principle rather from emotions. There is a 32 page seminar guide available for $4.99 for this seminar. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Charles Brown

Andrew McCrary -  Foundations for Financial Success
Andrew has a passion for seeing the peace and joy that comes as individuals partner with God in their finances, and taking  control rather than letting their finances control them. This seminar will explore the key building blocks for laying a firm financial foundation and preparing you to reach your key financial goals. Learn simple steps to survive unexpected financials challenges and reap the rewards of reduced stress in the process. This introductory financial course will benefit those just starting out or those needing to get finances in order.    Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Dave Byrnes

Dave Byrnes - Medical Reserve Corps
Dave has been the coordinator for the Medical Reserve Corps of Eastern Washington since June 2011. He has worked with fifteen counties and four tribal nations to recruit volunteers for this unit. Dave has experience in public health emergency response, city and county emergency management planning and homeland security. This seminar will train volunteers to be in the Medical Reserve Corps. Learn how you can be prepared to serve your community (and beyond) as a volunteer in a disaster situation. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Donna Evans

Chuck Hagele - How to talk to teens, How to have Life Ready Kids, Help! Technology is invading my home 
Chuck Hagele is the executive director of Project Patch. He knows firsthand how much God loves His children and how He relentlessly pursues their hearts. Chuck has witnessed many miracles of the heart in working with youth. He has served in both paid and volunteer positions at Project Patch including chaplain, youth ranch administrator and operations officer. Chuck and Kelly are the proud parents of two energetic young girls. When not at work Chuck enjoys adventures such as triathlons and fly-fishing. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Thomas R. Knoll

Thomas R. Knoll, Sr. - Five Landmines in your Estate Plan: an attorney shows you how to escape them!
A practicing attorney in the State of Washington, Thomas R. Knoll, Sr. has presented seminars throughout the U.S. on elder law and issues facing senior citizens. This seminar will highlight innocent but costly mistakes often made in estate planning and provide ways to avoid them. Participants will receive answers to estate planning questions and will be provided an opportunity for individual appointments with Attorney Knoll. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Jaime Aquino

Jamie Aquino - Cooking Healthy Foods, Thursday and Friday
Jamie has been cooking vegetarian and vegan for the last 23 years. She taught her first class with her mom at the age of 15. It was then she saw a way to reach people through the health message. Jamie is passionate about sharing her knowledge of cooking with natural foods and believes good food is medicine to heal the body.
Thursday's class is Eating Clean. No box mixes or pre-made ingredients, just the amazing flavors God already added to your fruits, nuts, veggies and grains!.This is offered both morning and afternoon. Friday's Class is Conquering the Main Dish. Learn to make three hearty entrees that are easy and crowd pleasing. All dishes can be customized to be gluten free, vegan and allergy friendly. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

John Lomacang

John Stanton - Winds of Doctrine: The Neo-Millerite Movement and A Chronological look at end time events. These two seminars will be presented on Friday afternoon.
John Stanton is the director of personal evangelism, discipleship and Sabbath School for the Upper Columbia Conference. He was called into pastoral ministry after a 15-year career in the corporate world. John and his wife Rochelle are passionate about the mission of the church and leading  members into active service for Christ. He also is a co-host of House Calls, a weekly Bible answers program on 3ABN.

Winds of Dosctrine will look at how the church has faced offshoot movements and challenges to the unity of the church. With these increasing as we draw closer to Christ's return, this seminar will help you discover some of the common themes as we walk through one of the latest winds of doctrine and learn some basic principles for how to "contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints."

He sill looking  at a chronological understanding of end time events. It is one thing to read or hear about end time events, but another to understand them in their right context and order. What can God’s people anticipate will occur and when? Are there things we simply cannot know until they happen? We will spend time in scripture, the spirit of prophecy, and other extra-biblical material as we endeavor to place end time events in their proper perspective. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

John Lomacang

Mike Jones - Reaching Our Snakebit Inactive Members. Mike will explore these three topics: Why They Leave! and Why They Come Back! What You Can Do to Make Your Church More Enticing! Mike presents from the Bible and his own experience the antidote you can share with church dropouts and how they can recover from their snakebitness. Attend this seminar for ideas and anecdotes to help anyone who's drifted away from God and church. Mike Jones is a semi-retired businessman and former pastor. He has authored five books, the newest, Snakebit: We're all snakebit, is a sharing vehicle for nonmembers, inactive and former members.  Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Brent Hardinge

Brent Hardinge - Social Media: The Web and your Church or School
Brent is the digital media coordinator for North Pacific Union Conference. He has a wealth of experience in web sites and social media. Establishing a website and using social media is one of the best ways to reach and help people learn about the gospel. You reach them where they are. Learn how your church or school can be involved in the conversations of your community and make a difference for eternity.  Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

John Lomacang

Robert Koorenny - Literature Evangelism
Robert is the coordinator for Literature Ministries which includes Youth Rush, GLOW, and KNOCK programs. This seminar on Literature evangelism will delve into the early work of the Adventist church and how it was heavily influenced and advanced by the work of literature evangelism. What about today? What about the future? Is Literature ministry still relavant with all the developments in digital media. Explore the rich history and promising prophetic future for the printed page in advancing the gospel message to the world. 
Since starting his work as a literature evangelist in 2002, Robert has had the privilege of ministering through literature in eight different conferences. He graduated from SOULS West in 2006. His hobbies include photography, backpacking, graphic design, traveling, and sharing God's Word.Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

John Lomacang

Brenda Aufderhar - Relational Stewardship
Brenda Aufderhar is a child, couple and family therapist in private practice as a counselor in Spokane.  She is licensed both as an RN and clinical social worker.  Brenda supports couples to explore their differences and build bridges of understanding by starting with their own self-awareness and strengthening their listening skills. 

In the first session we will look at some scriptural references about our relational responsibility along with understanding tools that support greater relational stewardship. In the second session we will look more specifically at application of these principles to several different scenarios found in real life stories that Brenda will present. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Hicks Family

Heidi Hicks - The Great Orphan Commission, James 1:27
Shannon and Heidi have a daughter, Daisy Grace, three and a half years old. They have also had the joy of being foster parents. This opportunity, to touch the hearts of   fatherless children in this world, is one they would like to share with others.
This seminar will raise awareness of the need for foster and orphan care and how to participate. Heidi Hicks will facilitate by bringing in guest speakers who will share information on foster care and how to get started on the journey of adoption (local and international). Learn about grants and ways to get assistance. Learn how to start an orphan care ministry in your church. There will be resources and handouts available on these topics. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Rhonda Whitney

Rhonda Whitney - Love Unending and Grace Uncontainable
Rhonda Whitney, PhD, is coordinator or Urban Ministries in Spokane and Kootenai Counties for Adventist Community Services in Upper Columbia Conference. She is also the associate director of community engagement for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.
Her seminar will explore the relationship of practical praise and the presence of God. Do you ask these questions? Do I ever give enough praise and thanks to our Father God for everything that he gives me? Can I thank Him for the good and the not so good? If so, this seminar is for you. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.

Jaime Aquino

Doug Venn and Panel of Five - Wind, Fire and Floods? We Responded
A panel of five who have responded to disasters will present their first person account of their stories -- the joy and struggles in the aftermath of regional and national disasters. They will also explain "donations Management," the national program dna long term recovery activities. Refer to the Camp Meeting Program (PDF) for specific times and locations.