Seminars are 9:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Thursday and Friday.
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Heather Leno

Heather Leno - Cook SMART - love yourself, your family, your neighbor
(Three seminars on Thursday - 9:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. - and repeating on Friday.) 
The Creator of the universe cares enough that He took time to share with us how to keep our bodies as healthful as possible in a broken world.   It is our prayer that the tips, ideas and recipes in these classes will help to ease some of the pressures busy people face when they are not cooking out of boxes.   

Heather Leno, a natural foods consultant and cooking instructor for 35 years, has a love for creating delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy. Heather Leno with Stephenie Renshaw will help you discover easy meals you can share with confidence.


Joyce Skidmore

Larry Beeson - Adventist Health Study--2 Latest Findings
(This seminar will be offered on Thursday and repeated Friday.) 
Are Adventist Living Longer and Healthier? learn more about this topic and how it affects you. Learn what the latest findings are in 2016. Larry Beeson, a native Californian and part of the Adventist Health Study research team for 43+ years, will share some of the more recent findings of the second Adventist Health study. You will Learn more about the Adventist Health Studies that have been done through Loma Linda University for the past three years. Larry earned his Doctor of Public Health degree majoring in epidemiology and is currently a professor in the epidemiology and biostatistics programs at Loma Linda University. 

Ricio Rojas

Rocio Rojas - Children's Ministry Seminars
(Thursday 9:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. and Friday at 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.)

Looking for new ideas? Challenged in how to work with this generation? The five seminars listed below are great for parents, educators and all who love working with children and pre-teens. For those completing the North American Division Children’s Ministries Leadership Certification, these seminars will complete half of the training. No pre-registration is required.

1. Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Kids
2. Learning Styles/Temperaments
3. Bible Learning activities
4. Teaching Children to Think
5. Teaching from Nature

Rocio Rojas is a trainer and speaker for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist children’s ministries and loves to help kids know they belong and can make a difference. Her three daughters are her greatest joy and teaching the love of Jesus is her passion.

Jerry Johns

Pastor Jerry Johns -  Nature's Creator
(Three seminars on Thursday- 9:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. - and repeated on Friday)
If you love nature, you will want to seriously consider this seminar. Together we will explore and review just how God intends to use nature to draw us closer to Himself. In each seminar session we will take a "Field trip" on the big screen and travel to a most beautiful location. Each of the six seminars sessions will be unique and different but will stand alone, so plan to stop by for a "field trip" once or twice during camp meeting.
Pastor Jerry Johns has served in pastoral ministry for 40 years. He retired from full-time ministry five years ago and started the "Master Designer Ministry."  He has always loved nature and filming nature. His nature DVDs feature many outstanding close-up shots of wildlife, birds and flowers.

Joyce Skidmore

Carl Cosaert -- Romans
(three seminars on Thursday and repeating on Friday)

Paul's letter to the Romans has been compared to spiritual "dynamite," and rightly so. No other book in the Bible has sparked as much spiritual revival and reformation through the centuries. Learn how a clearer understanding of the letter to the Romans can revolutionize your spiritual life as it did for Martin Luther, John Wesley, early Adventists in the 1880s and 1890s, and many others. Part 1 focuses on the background of Romans and the universal problem of sin. Part 2 examines how through Jesus Christ we can experience freedom from the penalty of sin—the guilt, shame, and punishment that so often weighs upon our hearts. Part 3, the final session, considers the ways in which Jesus is able to free us from the power of sin that desires to enslave and destroy us.

Carl Cosaert is a professor of Biblical studies at Walla Walla University and has taught there since 2005. He has a passion for helping others understand the wonderful news of what God has done for the human race in Christ. Carl is also currently the president-elect of the Adventist Theological Society.


Mark Weir

Mark Weir -  Passing the Torch
(This is a two part seminar Thursday afternoon at 2:30 and 4 p.m. that repeats on Friday)

Mark Weir is passionate about helping the next generation to embrace and engage in the church. This seminar is for the 20s to 40s crowd and for anyone who wants to help spread the gospel to millennials.
Mar Weir is the ministerial director for Upper Columbia Conference and responsible for evangelism and church growth. He previously served as the lead pastor at Spokane Valley Adventist Church. More details about the seminar will be forthcoming.

Joyce Skidmore

Curt Dolinsky - Spark: How to start a fire for the Lord in your Church
Three seminars on Thursday and repeating on Friday) Kurt Dolinsky is with It Is Written. He will share How to establish a successful Bible school, how to find and follow-up Bible school students and how to conduct Bible studies using It Is Written resources. For those who follow this tested and proven evangelism plan, success is guaranteed. Your community will never be the same thanks to a spark that ignites a fire in your church! Here are the titles of each session.

1. Understand and Start a Cycle of Evangelism in your Church 
2. Simple tools to find and start a Bible Study
3. How to follow-up on Bible Study interests  

Robert Van Dorn

Robert Van Dorn - When Tomorrow Becomes Never—A Few Observations About the Prince Estate 
(This one-hour seminar is offered Thursday and repeated Friday)  Iconic music superstar Prince died unexpectedly a few weeks ago, apparently without leaving a Will. This one-hour seminar will address the issues that need to be addressed in situations like this. 

  •         Why would somebody put that off?  (Lots of different reasons, actually.) 
  •         Now what?  Does the State get all his stuff?  (No, but why allow the State to decide?)
  •         But wait--I don’t have that kind of wealth! (You could have more than you thought!)
  •         Isn’t this all “a great misfortune,” as Solomon lamented, knowing you have to leave everything to somebody who hasn’t worked for it?

Join a discussion with Walla Walla lawyer and Conference Trust Officer Robert Van Dorn about the difficulties and blessings of working through these kinds of questions before time gets away from you.  Robert has practiced law for 31 years in Tacoma, Seattle, and Walla Walla, and has only a very, very few Prince songs on his music playlist. 

John Stanton

John Stanton - Spiritual Revival in the Disciple-Making Church
(This seminar is on Thursday and repeats on Friday)
John Stanton is the director for personal evangelism, discipleship and Sabbath School in Upper Columbia Conference. He is impassioned by the idea of equipped and empowered members that are ready and willing to serve God’s kingdom with their uniquely inspired talents.
Does your church need spiritual revival? An essential part to igniting a passion for our mission as Seventh-day Adventists is a renewed focus on discipleship, something we often struggle to incorporate into the ministry of the church. Jesus told His followers to spread the good news by making disciples. This seminar explores what He had in mind and how your church can integrate a disciple-making model that nurtures and empowers faithful members in service for God’s kingdom


Paul Blake

Paul Blake -Galatians, Part 1, 2 and 3
(Three seminars on Thursday and repeating on Friday)

Paul Blake is the lead pastor of the Spokane South Hill Adventist Church. He enjoys sharing biblical teachings that lead to practical application in individual lives. This three part series will study the book of Galatians, which is a letter written by the Apostle Paul to deal with Jewish legalism toward Gentile believers. 


Joyce Skidmore

Ron Fleck, MD - Health Evangelism, What's That? 
(One seminar Friday at 2:30 p.m. and will be repeated at 4:00 p.m.)
In this seminar you will learn the basics of Health Evangelism. Practical suggestions will be given to equipped you to work closely with your pastor and other team members; and to inspire you to serve people in your community through a variety of forms of health evangelism that can ultimately bring them to Christ.  Health evangelism, is the “right arm” of the Third Angel’s Message, you will be surprised how effective and fulfilling this Gospel work can be.  While this seminar is mainly tailored for non-medical persons, medical professionals are also welcome to attend and participate.  Pastors will especially be interested in this presentation.

Dr. Ron Fleck has been a medical physician since 1970. He has worked in Family Practice, emergency medicine,  occupational medicine, and poverty medicine.  As president of Second Hope Ministries International, his main focus is medical evangelism at home and in developing countries of the world. 


Paul Blake

Merlene Olmsted - SAIL: Staying Active and Independant for Life

In this seminar, Merlene will share how this simple and practical program can make a positive difference in your community. Merlene can walk others through the process of how to start a SAIL program and how easy it can be to connect with many people in your community in a positive way.
Since retiring Merlene has been active in working with the senior population in the Spokane area:  Teaching a S.A.I.L. class that focuses on balance and fitness; working with community gardens - and teaching gardening skills to third graders.  She also is involved with the Airway Heights City Council, and West Plains Community Support Network.


Bruce Buckles

Clinton Meharry

Bruce Buckles and Clinton Meharry -  How to Thrive when the "Gray" Tsunami Arrives! 

This seminar will introduce the challenges ahead and the practical ways of thriving and being a blessing to others. Everyone will be affected. Learn how to thrive in the midst of the economic and social crisis that is coming. Compared with the year 2000, in 2040 over twice as many people will be of retirement age. "Under current law, Social Security's trust funds, considered together will be exhausted in 2029. In that case, benefits in 2030 would need to be reduced by 29 percent fom the scheduled amounts." (Congressional Budget Office, Dec 16, 2015 report.)