Human Resources

2015 Health Care Monthly Contributions
  Jan - June July - Dec
Employee $60 $140
Employee/Child $90 $165
Employee/Spouse $120 $190
Employee/Family $120 $190


For medical questions, please contact:

Tamara Terry
Human Resources Admin Assist (PT)

Stephanie Bailey
Human Resources Admin Assist

Richard Parker, PHR 
Human Resources Director




Adventist Risk Management
Health Care Web Site

Helpful Medical Resources

New Insurance Information (Aetna PPO/HealthScope)

2015 DocFind (Find a Participating Provider/Doctor)

2015 Medical Plan Information

2015 Medical Plan Information Summary

HealthScope (Explanation of Benefits Account Info)
When creating your account enter Adventist Risk Management under Company Name and leave Group or Plan ID # blank

Health Coverage & Medical Terms

Request replacement medical/dental/vision card

To replace your card, please call 888-276-4732
Please verify what address they have on file. If it is different than your current address, you will need to complete a Change Request Form to change your address.

Change Requests

To make any changes to your medical, please complete a Change Request Form and submit it to Tamara Terry via email or Fax: (509) 242-1478.

Medical Forms

Claims Reimbursement Request Form

Employee Benefits Change Request Form

Declining HCAP Coverage

Employee Health Care Enrollment Application (for new enrollees only)

Medical Plan Verification 2015*

Pretax Benefit Election 2015*

*Must be completed each year

Vision Benefits

Vision services do not require the use of network providers. You will receive your vision services, pay, and submit receipts for reimbursement. With complete documentation, the reimbursement process is less than two weeks.

Claims Reimbursement Request Form

Aflac (Flexible Spending Account/Supplemental Insurance)
Currently available for new employees only


Family Medical Leave Act Information

Long Term Disability
Forms and Information about Long Term Disability
International Insurance
Our medical covers emergencies only--Additional coverage options available

Affordable Care Act Notice

New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage