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Men's Ministries

Building Men of Faith

Our aim is to strengthen you by providing positive uplifting Christian events that will increase your desire to serve God.

Making a positive heavenward difference in your life is what God desires.

Being a man in today's world at the risk of sounding chauvenistic is extremely important. Men are, according to the Bible, the High Priest of the Home. The "back bone" of every family.

It is the focus of Men's Ministries to give you tools sufficient to be the MAN!!

Christian Men't Summit
Join us at Camp MiVoden for the 2013 Christian Men’s Summit, February 15-17.  This experience will fuel you for the “fight.” Our speaker will be Pastor Dale Leamon. Early registration of $99.00 (that’s $20 less than last year) ends February 10.   After that, registration will be $160.00. Our summit will end after breakfast on Sunday, the 17th. MiVoden will have their annual work bee all Sunday through Thursdday. MiVoden will appreciate the help for as many men who want, to put on their work clothes to help with various projects. For additional information regardung the summit contact Wayne Hicks or Cheryl at 509-838-2761.

For more information about the MiVoden Work Bee, contact Michael Jeffery or Joe Threadgill at 509-242-0550

 Register for the 2013 Mens Retreat