March 15 - March 29, 2017
Location: San Luis & Poptun, Guatemala

Most of the people near San Luis are quite poor, and are not able to travel far to go to church every week. There are many churches in the area, but since they do not have a car or other transportation, and it is too far to walk, they do not have a church building. So, we are going down to build a church for the people of a village near San Luis. 

What we are doing though is much more than just constructing a building for them to worship in. We will be spending time in village outreach, giving out toothbrushes and small toys to children, and putting on a Vacation Bible School program. 

While the things that we are doing on this mission trip are important, it is not the tasks that bring us to Guatemala. We have an opportunity to give out of our abundance to people who do not have as much, and most importantly, to share in Christ's ministry on this earth. 

One of the most valuable experiences in a mission trip like this is to see how people from another place and culture, who sometimes have almost nothing, can be some of the happiest people with faith that is stronger than it would seem possible. 

We will be taking up to 33 people to go and build a church, spend time with the locals, and most importantly, spend time taking part in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Come join us for the experience of a lifetime and see the wonderful miracles that God will give us along the way!

Who: age 14 and up

What: Build a church, Afterschool VBS, Village Outreach, and Awesome Worship Time

When: March 15-29, 2017

Where: A village near San Luis, Guatemala 

How much: $1900


To go on this mission trip you must first fill out the Application (above), and BE ACCEPTED. Once you have been notified that your application has been accepted, you may begin working on the Packet below.

Mission Trip Packet

Photo by Ronnie Anderson

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