Youth Mission Adventures
March 16 - March 29, 2016
Location: Cain, Peten Guatemala

March 28 - They have arrived back in the United States and are staying Houston. A good night's rest then home tomorrow.
March 28 - I have had some questions when the group gets back. They arrive in Houston tonight at 8:15pm. They will stay in a hotel then they fly out tomorrow the 29th at 9am from Houston and arrive in Spokane at 2:15pm via Southwest.
March 27 - The group had a wonderful  Sabbath day with Sabbath School in the new Sabbath School  rooms that were added on the church. It was their last day with new friends they made in the village. They were all packed up after Sabbath for an early morning to head back to the border. They safely made it across the border and back into Belize. When they made it back to Belize City, they headed to the dock to board water taxis headed to San Pedro Island to go snorkeling. They are staying in Ladyville in Belize this evening. There is one more adventure planned for the morning then to the airport to head back to Houston.
March 24 - After 6 longs days of hau7ling block, mixing cement, laying block, bending steel, pouring bond beams, hauling gravel we began the job of welding the trusses and putting in the roof. Late yesterday the final panel of the roof was installed, the church Sabbath School rooms addition was finished! We were finished a day ahead of schedule, so Friday we loaded the bus for an extra day of exploring and headed to Tikal!
March 22 - Students on the Upper Columbia Conference Youth Mission Trip spent Sunday and Monday visiting over 100 homes in the remote village of Cain, Peten Guatemala. Pastor Eric Chavez lead the students as they walked from house to house praying with the families. They also were inviting each family to come to church Sabbath and to bring their children to the VBS programs we are holding. Yesterday was the first day of Vacation Bible School and we had over 150 children come and that number does not include their mothers that came too. We had to switch locations to a school across the street from the Adventist Church in Cain. But even that was more than we had planned on adn we had to split the group in half and run a a program on each floor of the school.
Yesterday Kristie Cain and Amanda Goad lead the students in teaching the children about Daniel and his dedication to prayer. Kristie lead the closing prayer in Spanish and was amazed as the children all repeated her as she prayerd.

Today was another pleasant weather day with a hight of 68 for those laying block. The walls on the Sabbath School rioom will be completed Wednesday and we are looking forward to putting the roof on Thursday.

Photo by Ronnie Anderson

March 21 - 
Day three began on the worksite at a cool 68 degrees which may not increase throughtout today. A cold front came through last night and brought us some relief from the weather. It has been very hot. Progress is moving quickly on the church. Many of our team have experienced block laying for the first time in addition to a few have learned to mix mortar by hand.
We have been able to visit 50% of the homes in the village around the church and this morning we will visit the other half and invite them to the VBS programs this week. All are invited to the worship service this coming Sabbath also. They have not had internet yet to send any pictures. We are hoping to get some pictures soon.
March 19 - They worked hard on the church yesterday and got some rest last night. Now the group will be visiting some of the different chures that we have previously built over the last 10 years of previous mission trips. The local people love to see the youth visit and so happy to have their churches and are full of hugs..
March 18 - They arrived at the compound in San Luis, Guatemala all safe and sound and set-up camp. They are all resting and will be having their first breakfast in Guatemala this morning and their first morning worship with Michael. Then off to La Ceibita village to start on the church. It is a village that is close to San Luis.
March 17 - 5:30pm - The group has arrived in Belize. They are all safe. They went for some pizza and are on their way to Guatemala.
March 17 - The group is in route to Belize and will arrive there soon and then board the bus bound for Guatemala. I spoke to Wendy before they boarded the plane and everyone is doing well.
Don’t let this amount scare you—the funds can be raised by anyone who feels God’s calling to be part of this trip. He will impress those who can provide the financial support you need. Each participant is responsible for fund-raising, and will receive a packet showing how a combination of work, church support, and help from family and friends will make this trip possible. 
Money raised goes towards:
- Construction Materials -Outreach Projects 
- Transportation -Food
- Medical Insurance
Participant Requirements: 
1. Must be at least 14 years old
2. Be recommended by your pastor or youth leader
3. Be willing to fully participant in the financial obligations
4. Be willing to work hard through the completion of the project
5. Participants must have the approval of their parent/guardian, pastor or school chaplain, and school administration

Application and Deposit Deadline: January 15, 2016
Send your application (essay included) and a $250 non-refundable deposit to the UCC Youth Department as soon as possible (space is limited). We’ll send you an information packet to let you know that you’ve been accepted once we’ve received your application and deposit.
Questions? Contact the Youth Department at
Mail: Upper Columbia Conference, Youth Dept.
3715 S Grove Rd
Spokane, WA 99224
Call: (509) 242-0506
Fax: (509) 242-1506
Administrative Assistant - Denise Kinney
Youth Director - Pastor Wendy Eberhardt

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