UCC Youth Rush Team

Youth Rush in Upper Columbia Conference is a part of the Share the Life initiative and the Personal Evangelism Department.




Robert KoorennyUCC Literature Ministries Coordinator

Since starting his work as a literature evangelist in 2002, Robert has had the privilege of ministering through literature in eight different conferences. He graduated from SOULS West in 2006. His hobbies include photography, backpacking, graphic design, traveling, and sharing God's Word.

(509) 242-0625  robertk@uccsda.org







Maverick KhongphanUCC Literature Ministries Assistant, Task Force

Maverick graduated from SOULS West in 2012, and has been a part of Youth Rush for 6 summers. His hobbies include basketball, football, eating good food, and sharing God's word. He joined the UCC team in 2014.

(509) 242-0434  literature@uccsda.org