Q: How long is the Youth Rush program?

A: Upper Columbia Youth Rush summer programs are a ten-week commitment. For 2013, the dates are June 7 to August 13, 2015


Q: What if school ends after June 7 or starts before August 13?

A: That's no problem. You would come when school ends.


Q: Will we have time off?

A: Yes. There is a “home leave” weekend in the middle of the summer, this year it's the July 4 weekend. Any other breaks are on a very limited basis and must be pre-approved.


Q: How much commission will I earn?

A: Commission is 35%. At the end of the program, students who complete the ten-week commitment will receive an additional 15% retroactive commission bonus, which will equal 50%.


Q: How much will the schools match my earnings?

A: Go to Scholarships and find out how much the school of your choice is willing to match what you earn.


Q: Where do we work?

A: We work in a variety of cities and towns within the Upper Columbia Conference territory, which covers eastern Washington, northeastern Oregon, and northern Idaho.


Q: Can I request a certain location?

A: Yes, however, due to program limitations in size and other factors, requests are not guaranteed. The earlier you apply and are accepted, the better your chance of a request being approved.


Q: Is housing provided? Do I have any expenses at Youth Rush?

A: Housing, transportation, and most expenses are covered for your time at Youth Rush. You are only responsible for one meal each day, and other than that, there are only small things like soap and shampoo to take care of.


Q: When is the application deadline?

A: There is not a set deadline to apply for Youth Rush. However, due to limited space, we no longer accept applicants once we are filled for each summer.  It's always a better option to apply sooner than later to ensure the best chance of getting a spot. Apply Now.


Q: Who can join?

A: Any male or female who is at least 16 years of age or older, who has a love for Jesus, and is willing to make a ten-week commitment to work hard and serve Jesus.  If you have questions about your eligibility to work, click here.


Contact Us if you have any additional questions.