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​When you train and educate children to know and love God, you have trained a church to know and love God. We want to assist you with training your children and we do this in a variety of ways. Training for those who work with children in Sabbath School, Vacation Bible School, and children's church. And the Family Life Department has information on Pathfinder Clubs and Adventurer Clubs for children. Remember that time with your child at these events is time well spent. They will soak up the information like a sponge and learn about Jesus and how much He loves them.  

Educating young children about the Coronavirus

A simple little book to reassure children and teach them the basics about the Coronavirus in many languages

And a wonderful short and heart-warming video from Southern Asia Pacific Division:

Seven Ways to Support Kids with Anxiety about the Coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus Crisis, Here are some alternatives for children for worshipping at home?

This list is provided by the UCC Children's Ministries department. 

Kids Club For Jesus

Voice of Prophecy – Discovery Mountain

It Is Written - My Place with Jesus

Children’s Mission Quarterly


North American Division Children’s Ministries Resources

Primary Treasure/Our Little Friend - (for pre-teen and younger), now available for free from Pacific Press

Guide Magazine - (for earliteens), now available for free from Pacific Press

Your Story Hour - Free stories offered every day from this popular radio show.

Sabbath activities and online church - This resource from the North American Division has many options for kids.

Sabbath activities and online church (Spanish) - This resource from the North American Division has many options for kids. 

Storytime with Sherri and Gerry - Live storytelling every Friday evening at 4 p.m. (PST) on Facebook. 

Stories of David and Daniel - From the International Camporee.

Adventist Family Ministries - Creating fun, easy family worship memories

Family Worship - Article on, "Even you can have family worship."

It's Worship Time! - Creating family worship.

100 Creative Worship Ideas for Busy Families

What do I do with my kids in the house all day?

Below is a sampling of links that may be of value to our children as a new normal for weeks, or however long, sets in. The best is to have kids doing things physically inside and outside, whether reading, working or completing chores, learning from and about God’s Word, playing games, learning new skills or helping others. So please keep that in mind. But occasionally a field trip to view the White House or Carlsbad Caverns or checking in to an African Reserve via a Africam, can stimulate kids thinking as well impacting their lives for good. Links are not 100% vetted, so please use your judgement. Links are presented by the UCC Children's Ministries Department. 

Animals Around the World - Livecams take you into Africa wildlife reserves where you may see elephants, giraffes, cats, warthogs, baboons, and more. Also livecams featuring hummingbirds, bears, cats, dogs, birds and much more.

Birds Around the World - The Cornell Lab Live Cams feature favorites including cams in Sapsucker Woods (Ithaca, New York), Panama Fruit Feeders (El Valle de Anton, Panama), Albatross in New Zealand, and many more.

Fork Calligraphy

Shadow Drawing

Visit Art Museums

Additional museums, including the White House

A Place to Do Something

Vegan Family Kitchen - How to involve kids in cooking at all ages!

Dinner with the Doctor - Vegan cooking 

Holy Cow Vegan - Vegan cooking

No Meat Athlete - Vegetarian recipes for athletes, but could work for anyone!

Digital Concerts - Enjoy a performance from the Berliner Philharmoniker.

US National Parks - Enjoy a virtual tour of the best National Parks in the United States.

Animal Tracking for Beginners - Whether mud or snow, this can be great fun. In some areas, you may only find tracks for cats, dogs, or squirrels. Try to figure what they were doing. But if you can get into a wilder area, it really gets exciting!

Animal Tracking - Learn how to identify animal tracks

Birdwatching for Kids

Nature Journaling - Each day encourage your children to go outside 

               Listen – what do you hear
               Smell – skunk of course is no fun, flowers
               See – Spring is here – lots of changes happen in plants and trees overnight. Note the progress
               Ideas – for games, ways to make your yard more beautiful, 
               Feel – cold wind? Sun? Textures of plants

Planning a Garden

Plant a Garden

Indoor Gardening

Seed Sprouts for Eating

Sprouting With Your Little Sprouts

Seed Jar Experiments

Rhythms of Play - Focuses on raising creative nature-loving kids – even shows you how to make mud pies, rainy day activities, nature journaling and even build a dam. Make outside activities a HIGH priority!

NASA - The entire library is now free and accessible. 

STEM activities for kids - This site has 239 links to great STEM activities.

Vesselfinder - Helps kids explore and locate ships and they sail the seas. 

Make Videos - Kid’s Club for Jesus is asking for videos of your children singing, playing an instrument, or preaching. Let’s develop these talents of our children and use them for the Lord!

Trip Planning - Let your child find a wild place not too far from your home, and with your guidance plan the excursion to do when you are able). What type of clothing (hats, sunglasses), best time of day, picnic lunch, what equipment needed – binoculars, blanket, flower/bird/animal tracking guides, hiking boots, camera, walking stick, etc.

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