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2018 Women's One-day Retreat

Cathie Hartman,  For the Love of Mongolia

Kathy Coneff,  Born Kidnapped

Kathy Connef, The Unbrainwashing

Kathy Conneff, There's a Backstory

2018 Winter Pastors Retreat

Karl Haffner Monday Worship

Jon Dagget SOGI

Paul Hoover Q & A

Karl Haffner Tuesday Worship

John Freedman Talk

Spokane Mayor Condon

When the Bough Breaks 

Karl Haffner Wednesday Worship

Paul Hoover, Reflections on Ministry

2017 Winter Pastors Retreat

Sergio Manente, Tuesday  9:45 a.m.

Jim Crawler, Tuesday 10:30 a.m.

Ben Steenfott, Tuesday 2 p.m.

Charles Byrd, Tuesday 2:45 p.m.

Jorge Baute, Wednesday 9:30 a.m.

Dale Satrum, Wednesday 10:15 a.m.

Sung Kwon, Wednesday 1:30 p.m.

2017 Women's Retreat - October 27-28, 2017

Janet Page 

"God Will Never Waste Your Pain" Friday evening meeting

"Forever Ruined or the Ordinary" Sabbath morning 

"Unleashing God's Power" "Having an Alive Experience with God" Sabbath afternoon

2017 Camp Meeting Seminars

Paul Blake - Ephesians

Part 1: Who You Are in Christ

Part 2: By Grace You Have Been Saved

Part 3: Marriage

Part 4: the Fruit of the Spirit

Jim and Virginia Davidson - Jesus and Science

Jesus and a Bottle of Water

Outside the Box   

Zero Probability and the ABCs

Teenie Finley - How to Hold a Cooking School

How to Hold a Cooking School a

How to Hold a Cooking School b

Cindy Tutsch - Who is Ellen White

Who is Ellen White and Why Does She Matter   

19th Century Prophet, 21st Century Application

Ellen White and Last Day Events

Tim Adams - Live Streaming

Live Streaming Fundamentals

Jennipher Ama and Lynn St. Louis

Road Map for Avoiding Long Term Care Disasters

Jean Gulden - Medicare 101

(The information in Medicare 101 was up-to-date June 2017 and may not be now)

Francini Reis - Children's Ministry

Part 1: Interactive Storytelling (not available)

Part 2: Teaching Children to Pray

Part 3: Children's Church

Part 4: Memorizing Without Tears

Part 5: Children's Praise and Worship

Annie Morgan - Equipping Members for Personal Ministry

Awakening Interest

Helping People Decide

Marilyn Salmon - Women's Ministry

Building Women's Ministry in Your Church

Lynelle Ellis - Media Influences on Families

The Power of Media

Media Choices

Erik Kelly and Jesse Ravencroft - Gospel/Medical Missionary Evangelism

Models From History

Wayne Kablanow and John Torquato 

Principles of Medical Ministry: Why it Matters

Company Evangelism: A Current Example

Barbara Kerr - Juicing and Charcoal

How Juicing Saved My Life

How to Use & Make Charcoal in an emergency

2016 Camp Meeting Seminars

Larry Beeson - Adventist Health Study 

Paul Blake - Galatians 1   Galatians 2   Galatians 3

Bruce Buckles and Clinton Meharry - Thriving when the Gray Tsunami Arrives

Carl Cosaert - Romans 1   Romans 2   Romans 3

Curt Dolinsky - Spark 1   Spark 2   Spark 3

Ron Fleck - Health Evangelism

Jerry Johns - Creation 1   Creation 2   Creation 3   Creation 4   Creation 5   Creation 6

Merlene Olmsted - Learning to S.A.I.L.

Rocio Rojas - CMC 1   CMC 2   CMC 3   CMC 4   CMC 5

John Stanton - Spiritual Revival in the disciple-making

Robert Van Dorn - When Tomorrow Becomes Never


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