Sharing Stories of Faith in Action

The Upper Columbia Conference communications department exists to help tell the story of what God is doing through the lives of our members. We share these stories via social media, the web, printed and digital news, radio and television.

We strive to help you share the stories and events of your church, school or ministry through a variety of venues. Events can be shared in News You Need to Know, a weekly publication available by subscription. This same news goes to pastors and churches and is entitled Bulletin Announcements. Big events your church or school would like to advertise to a wider audience can be placed in the Gleaner announcement section. Check out the Gleaner Guidelines and Deadlines for this. These deadlines will also assist you in planning for regular articles throughout the year from your school or church.

Another way we assist you is in crisis management and event planning. Our big event each year is the UCC Campmeeting.

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