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Pastor Alejandro Delgado nos ofrece el 4to tema de la serie "Un hombre según mi corazón."10/10/2019Multicultural Ministries & Hispanic Ministries10No

This is a report about Church Ministries in the Upper Columbia Conference as given by Jeremy McCombs at the constituency session on September 15, 2019.​

Church Ministries Informative Video10/9/2019Church Ministries and Discipleship; Communications43; 8No

The Women's Ministries Department in Upper Columbia Conference has been active during the last four years. Here is a report by Patty Marsh, director, presented at the recent UCC Constituency session.​

Women's Ministries in UCC10/9/2019Communications; Women's Ministries8; 5No

Upper Columbia Conference Ministerial and Evangelism director, Mark Weir, presented this report at the recent constituency session.​

Andrew McCrary, trust director, gave this report to the UCC constituency session. Find out how the Trust Department can serve you.​

UCC Trust Video 201910/9/2019Communications; Stewardship; Trust Services & Estate Planning8; 50; 22No

Mark Logan, director of the Upper Columbia Conference Adventist Book Center, shares this report for the recent constituency session. Hear how the ABC reaches people for Christ!​

ABC Report10/9/2019Adventist Book Center; Communications18; 8No

​Jeff Wines and Richie Brower give a report of Camp MiVoden and Club Ministries while attending the Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh. These ministries mentor our children and young adults -- something near and dear to God's heart!

Youth and Club Ministries in UCC10/9/2019Adventurer Clubs; Family Life Ministries; Pathfinder Clubs; Youth Ministries46; 2; 12; 6No

The ACS and Disaster Relief Department is directed by Patty Marsh. Here she shares their activities for the past four years for the recent Constituency Session.​

ACS Video10/9/2019Adventist Community Services; Communications7; 8No

​Stephanie Bailey, the HR Director, shares the activities of this department and how they are integral to employment and keeping kids safe.

HR Constituency Video10/9/2019Human Resources26No

​Children's Ministry in the Upper Columbia Conference for the past four years has been busy. Watch this short recap from Patty Marsh, director. This is the same report presented to the recent Constituency Session.

Children's Ministry Video10/9/2019Children's Ministries; Communications1; 8No
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