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Ninety-one children, ages 3–12, traveled to Cactusville, a small mining town in the Wild West, during the Spokane Valley Church’s Vacation Bible School, held July 17–21. 8/10/2017NoKathy MarsonChildren's Ministries; Family Life Ministries; Evangelism
During the weekend of June 23–25, 2017, Moses Lake was the place to be if you were having dental problems.8/4/2017YesKathy MarsonAdventist Community Services; Health Ministries; Personal Evangelism
Two Adventist churches experienced a rare joint event, a gathering on the lawn of a church member’s home in Clark Fork, Idaho. Clark Fork and Spirit Lake church members, plus a few from Newport and Rathdrum, united for a Sabbath afternoon and evening of 8/2/2017YesKathy MarsonCommunications; Ministerial
“The plan is to have 55 rooms renovated with all-new carpet, paint, furniture, windows, sinks and countertops by the time students start school in August,” Johnson says.7/6/2017YesKathy MarsonEducation Department
When board member John Keighley mentioned holding a blood drive for Summit Northwest Ministries Church in Post Falls, Idaho, Ron Hessel, senior pastor, challenged him to make it happen. 7/5/2017NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Health Ministries; Personal Evangelism
Members from Touchet Church in southeast Washington celebrated their church's 100th anniversary on Sabbath, April 1, 2017.7/5/2017YesKathy MarsonPresident's Office; Secretariat; Communications
For 30 hours on April 28–29, teenagers at Summit Northwest Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho, experienced a little bit of the challenges many people face in other parts of the world.7/2/2017NoKathy MarsonAdventist Community Services; Family Life Ministries
Following a combined meeting of the standing Nominating Committee from the 2015 Constituency Session, and the Executive Committee on Tuesday May 23, 2017, Upper Columbia Conference announced that Elder David Freedman accepted a call to serve as the new 6/16/2017NoKathy MarsonAdministration; Communications; Treasury; Human Resources
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