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Archie Harris, new associate Superintendent of Education in UCC comes from a family of educators who taught in schools in Montana. Archie began teaching in Great Falls, Montana.9/17/2018YesKathy MarsonEducation Department; Communications
Part of a network of over 100 Lifetalk Christian Radio stations, KMEI studio is located in the Kamiah Seventh-day Adventist Church.9/17/2018NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Evangelism
This new department will encompass Hispanic, Slavic, Native American and multi-ethnic ministries in UCC. Walter says, “Its overarching goal is to plant the Kingdom of God in the heart of people in their communities.” 9/17/2018YesKathy MarsonCommunications; Multicultural Ministries & Hispanic Ministries; Ministerial; President's Office
Charles G. Edwards passed away September 7, 2018. He was a pastor in UCC, and son of Josephine Cunnington Edwards. A Committed minister who loved to learn throughout his life.9/11/2018YesKathy MarsonCommunications; Ministerial
“I believe God prepares each one of us for different chapters, different places, different seasons in our lives,” says Labrador. 9/4/2018NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Human Resources; President's Office; Sabbath School Ministries; Secretariat; Treasury
Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) in Spangle, Wash., will be adding a required internship for all juniors beginning with the 2018–2019 school year. Students will be released from regular schoolwork to get a taste of their future occupation for two weeks in Mar9/4/2018NoKathy MarsonEducation Department; Communications; Youth Ministries; President's Office; Secretariat; Treasury
Each Friday evening you will find a group of university students from Washington State University (WSU) and University of Idaho (U of I) gathered for an evening of vegetarian home-cooked food and a Bible study discussion group.8/22/2018NoKathy MarsonChurch Ministries and Discipleship; Communications; Education Department; Family Life Ministries
A team of 14 missionaries from the Hayden Lake, Idaho, SDA Church traveled to the island country of Cuba. This cart was an answer to prayer for one of the three teams holding nightly meetings in different locations.8/22/2018NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Evangelism; Church Ministries and Discipleship; Family Life Ministries; Multicultural Ministries & Hispanic Ministries; President's Office
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