Intensely Spiritual.

Life Changing.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had made a certain choice in life differently? Or maybe you've thought about what things might look like if you chose one career path over another. What if questions are common to think about, and we asked some Youth Rush students some "what if" questions, and here's what they said:

“If I never did Youth Rush, I would not be ready to be a nurse. As I study to become a nurse, I now understand why God led me to go door to door: it strengthened my passion to serve any and all people.”  -Jonathan

“If I never did Youth Rush, God would not be real to me, as He is now… if you do Youth Rush this summer, you would experience God’s power to change lives.”  -Rachel

“If you did Youth Rush this summer, you would see how much people need Christ and experience faces that light up when they see that God is calling them home.”   -Andrea

"If I never did Youth Rush, I never would have built a foundation centered around Christ at such a young age.”   -Jeffrey

Youth Rush is a ten-week, youth-driven, energy-packed, Spirit-led program that helps you grow in ways you've never imagined. It helps you seek life more fully than you've ever lived - and not only does it improve your life, it helps share the gospel with thousands of other people throughout the northwest who are seeking for a new life themselves.

You'll make life-long friends who are growing in their walk with God, make money for school ($3,500+), learn life skills you'll need in your career, and find what matters most: A life centered on Jesus.

This summer's program is June 9 - August 16, 2019.

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