Dr. Rodney Mills Accepts Call to Upper Columbia Conference

by Jay Wintermeyer, January 23, 2019

Dr. Rodney Mills accepted an invitation to become vice president for administration for Upper Columbia Conference.

Dr. Rodney Mills accepted an invitation Wednesday, January 23, 2019, to become vice president for administration for Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. His invitation came after a joint meeting of the conference nominating and executive committees. He will replace Elder Doug Johnson, who announced his retirement in December.   

"Dr. Mills has a heart for God and a heart for His people," said Dr. Minner Labrador, Upper Columbia Conference president. "He is a seasoned pastor whose love and care for pastors, teachers and members is clearly evident."

Mills has been serving in the Texas Conference since 2016 as ministerial director. In addition to serving at the conference, Mills has pastored for 35 years in Texas, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. He received his doctorate in evangelism and church growth from the Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University in Michigan. 

After accepting the executive committee invitation, Mills said, "I am looking forward to working together with pastors, teachers and administration in Upper Columbia Conference to create safe, healthy and accepting environments where God can bring the hurting, the lonely and those looking toward heaven for help. We need to work together to foster an environment where God can grow His church."

Mills and his wife, Pamela, have one daughter. Hobbies include golf, hiking and enjoying God's second book. 

"As Dr. Mills joins Upper Columbia Conference, I am confident God has wonderful things in store," adds Labrador. "We are very pleased to welcome Rodney and Pamela to our conference family. I look forward to working with Rodney to further equip and empower ministries in Upper Columbia Conference to reach our communities with the Seventh-day Adventist message of hope and wholeness."

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