Upper Columbia Adventurer Ministry Expands

by Anita Lebold, January 06, 2020

Four new volunteers have recently been added to assist Adventurer Clubs in Upper Columbia Conference to help support and start new Adventurer Clubs. Martha Reyes pictured here is the new Hispanic Coordinator for Adventurers.

The Upper Columbia Conference Club Ministries has recently added four new volunteers to the Adventurer Coordinator Team. Their goal is to help support churches to begin and operate new Adventurer Clubs.

Do you want to reach families in your church and engage parents and children in activities that build friendships and grow together in a relationship with Christ? Are you looking for an ongoing outreach ministry to get to know members of your community? Adventurer Club Ministry is designed exactly for that purpose. Jesus loves children. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me. Don't keep them away. The kingdom of heaven belongs to people like them." Matthew 19:14 (NIRV)

Olivia Shrock and Jennifer Watson are the new North District Area Coordinators. In that role, they are working one-on-one with club Director's and churches interested in starting clubs in the North part of the conference. They also help planning and presenting Jump Start training and Conference Fun Day event along with yearly district events. They are supporting 11 active clubs, several of which are new.

Valarie Young is an Event Coordinator for Adventurers. Her primary role is helping with training and presentations. Valarie is a retired teacher, she is an expert at reaching people in a variety of presentation styles and has been helping with Jump Start training and as one of the speakers at the annual Club Ministries Leadership Retreat.

Martha Reyes has joined the team as Hispanic Coordinator for Adventurers. She joins Mayra Soltero in that role. Together they work with the Hispanic clubs providing translation, answering questions and helping us understand how we can best provide support to the growing number of Hispanic clubs in the conference.

Below is an introduction to each of these new volunteers. 

Jennifer Watson

My name is Jennifer Watson and I have directed the Hayden Lake Howlin' Wolves Adventurer Club for two years. I restarted our club because the nearest was an hour away. This is a fun program which engages children and families, leading them closer to Jesus. I feel all churches should have Adventurers and I look forward to helping more churches start and run their own Adventurer Clubs! ~ Jennifer Watson, North District Coordinator

Olivia Shrock
The past five years, I've been loving working with Adventurer kids at the South Hill Church. I'm looking forward to getting to know the Adventurer leaders and clubs in the North District while attending Inductions, Adventurer Sabbaths and Investitures. ~ Olivia Shrock, North District Coordinator

Valerie Young 
A year before I gave my heart to Jesus, a close friend invited me to help with Pathfinders. The kids and staff played a key role in my husband and I joining the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1975. From that time forward except for a time when I worked in Women's Ministries, the Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs have been my passion. In 1999, the Lord lead me to start the first Adventurer Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since that time, I have been blessed with organizing two other clubs with one being at the Riverview SDA Church in Pasco, Washington. The joy I see on each child's face at our meetings reminds me of why I became an Adventurer Club Director and Counselor. I am a blessed woman because for 30 years I have been able to see how God uses men and women to share the love of Jesus one child at time. I am humbled to be a UCC Adventurer Event Coordinator and pray that I can help others strengthen their own personal Adventurer ministry and help clubs grow across our conference. ~ Valarie Young, Event Coordinator

Martha Reyes
Martha is a native of Nicaragua. She moved to the United States, originally living in Florida where she started her sons Frank and Wilhelm in Adventurers. She moved to Washington and joined the Richland, Seventh-day Adventist church when her younger son Wilhelm, shown on her left, was in the second grade. As a single parent, she appreciated the support and friendships she developed in the Adventurer program. After working to raise her boys she invested in her own education and in 2019 she graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. After completing her degree she felt led to again participate in Adventurer Ministry and use her experiences to share with others. The first assignment she accepted as coordinator was to attend Adventurer Sabbath at Moses Lake. After that event she drove through the Tri-Cities and stopped at the home of some friends, then took some backroads to her friends farm in Prosser. It was an icy night and her car slid off the road into the canal. Most canals are dry during the winter but this particular canal supplied water to a power plant and was full of fast running water. She started to panic and didn't know what to do but thought to pray and as she did she immediately relaxed and heard a voice say, unbuckle your seat belt and roll down the window. Miraculously the car started sinking from the back instead of the front giving her just a bit more time to get out. It was a dark country road not well traveled particular on an icy winter night but a car happened to come along just in time to see her headlights leave the road and her car enter the canal. Two men were in the car, one called 911 and one started running toward her. They told her to swim to the edge and they would pull her out. She said, I don't know how to swim, and they said, neither do we. They came up with the idea to tie their jackets and sweatshirts together to make a makeshift rope that they threw out to her and she was able to grab it and they pulled her up to the bank. She waited with them in their car until emergency services arrived. When they checked her at the hospital the doctors were amazed that she was not hurt other than some bruising where she had hit against the window as she crawled out. Not a cough or cold or anything.

She believes that those men were her guardian angels that night and that by saving her life, God was letting her know that he still had work for her to do. Read more about the story at https://www.yaktrinews.com/news/two-men-save-woman-who-accidentally-drove-into-canal-near-benton-city/1051288514. We praise God for keeping Martha safe and for her commitment to Adventurer Ministry. ~ Martha Reyes, Hispanic Coordinator


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