Giving Parents a Choice

by Kathy Marson, January 22, 2020

Christmas was brighter for regular food pantry recipients at Spokanes Better Living Center. Parents or guardians were able to select gifts for their children.

This year Christmas is a little brighter and more normal for the many families not able to afford Christmas gifts for their children.
Linwood members banded together to purchase several thousand dollars of gifts for the children of vetted Better Living Center (BLC) Food Pantry recipients. The individuals who are receiving this generosity are regular customers at the BLC who have children.
Rather than handing the mom, dad or guardian an age-appropriate gift, this year representatives are there from Linwood to let the parent choose what gift they would like to give their child. Then they can wrap it themselves or let one of the Linwood ambassador’s wrap it for them. 
“There were hundreds of gifts going out,” says Gayle Haeger, director of Urban Ministries for Spokane. A big thank you goes out to Jane Williams, Sharon Ammon and many, many others who donated time and money for these gifts.
“What a wonderful way to give dignity,” says Patty Marsh, UCC Adventist Community Services director. “They let the individual choose so the gifts are coming from the parent to the child.”

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