Camp Meeting Live

by Kathy Marson, June 19, 2018

Watch the Upper Columbia Conference camp meeting online.

Upper Columbia Conference Camp Meeting is broadcasting all the main meetings live. 

Click here to watch live. 

You can also watch previous meetings.  

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Latest News

  • Pathfinders “Come to the Table”

    For most, Pathfinder Fair means camping with clubs from across UCC. But this year, the Fair was so much more! Not only were Pathfinders able to participate in all of the usual activities, they were also able to experience a day of Outreach.

  • 2018 Hispanic Women Retreat

    The purpose of this year’s event, entitled “Triumphant despite the Scars,” is to come away from secular activities; to meet with Jesus and connect with their peers from other churches. This was fulfilled for Angelica.

  • WWVA Focuses on Community Connection and Service

    Connecting with and serving the community is one of the core values students at Walla Walla Valley Academy embrace. It is exciting to see students discover how their talents can be used to share the story of Jesus to others.