Teaching Children

Learn many ways to teach children about Jesus through some workshops offered at the NPUC Children's Leadership Conference

SAIL in East Wenatchee

Penny and Carl Buick, local SAIL coordinators in East Wenatchee, share how the program has helped them as well as the attendees.

Setting the Record Straight

For reasons that will become apparent shortly, I want to address the topic of spiritual formation. On the face of it, this phrase ...

Northwest Fire Recovery

"With fires in Washington breaking all-time records this summer, how did the schools and churches in UCC fare? As of this writing no schools or churches have been destroyed, but many of our members had to evacuate their homes and there were some close calls! How did the Chelan VBS provide for the community during the fires?"

Makes plans to join us next for for the Upper Columbia Conference camp meeting with John Bradshaw, speaker for It is Written. Registration for camp meeting opens October 1. 

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