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Offertory Reading

November 22, 2014
Streams of Light

Streams of Light is a fund-raising project that focuses on two youth ministries.

KEEP Endowment Fund has a goal of raising $4 million for an educational endowment fund that will assist students every year in the Upper Columbia Conference for many years to come. At printing time $3.4 million had been raised.

The second project is raising $1 million for Camp MiVoden improvements. At printing time nearly $750,000 had been raised. Already this has funded extensive required engineering plans and the work needed to get county approval, new roads, new infrastructure (water lines, sewer systems, and electric lines) and a new cabin!

Lives are changed for the kingdom of heaven every summer at camp and every year in our schools and we can all have a part in it!

Thank you for giving generously to the Streams of Light offering and making a difference for our children and youth.

Richard Parker, HR Director/Office Manager
Upper Columbia Conference


2014 North American Division
Mission Investment Projects


Lake Union Conference Mission Investment Projects

1. The inner city school districts consider churches to be resources for the community. The projects are to go to the various schools and offer spiritual programs, such as Vacation Bible School (FLAG camp), and to train leaders to assist the impoverished. These dynamic programs create and foster friendships and evangelistic connections within the community.

2. The project at the Burns Seventh-day Adventist Church, located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, is primarily focused on providing a soup kitchen, mentoring programs for high-risk teens, and conducting Revelation and Eternity Prophecy seminars. Other areas of emphasis are self-development seminars, including drugs, alcohol, finances, divorce, and domestic violence awareness.  Also included are tending to two community greenhouses and a community garden.

Columbia Union Mission Investment Project
SOULS EAST: The purpose of this project is the restoration of character through true education. This initiative will develop leadership that will labor for the conversion of souls, as Jesus commissioned us. One objective is to inspire and empower churches each year to develop a culture of evangelism. This will empower youth and young adults to be engaged in the mission of the church. SOULS East will recruit, train, mentor, and send out teams of students to work with local churches in the cycle of evangelism through Bible work, literature ministry, and health ministry. These activities will take place throughout the Columbia Union in selected areas and churches and will be in partnership with SOULS West,