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Offertory Reading

April 26, 2014
Share the Life

A common phrase “It Takes a Village” certainly applies to the mission of the church, since it takes all of us to successfully share the good news of a coming Savior around the world and in our own communities. In response to our Lord’s commission, Share the Life has attempted to place an outreach coordinator for every church request.

In the Upper Columbia Conference we currently have 25 outreach coordinators (Bible workers). Their ministry is to reach the community with the gospel and to activate the local church in the process. Since the inception of Share the Life in 2010, outreach coordinators have been responsible for 635 baptisms and countless outreach activities involving many lay persons.

One hundred percent of your Share the Life offerings given today will go to  support this ministry which is saving souls in the Upper Columbia Conference.

Ministering to the needs in the community through health classes, tutoring programs, children’s programs, parenting seminars etc. and introducing them to Jesus Christ and His Word encapsulates the ministry of the outreach coordinator. Thank you for your support of this vital gospel ministry.

Steve Rogers, Outreach Coordinator Instructor
Upper Columbia Conference