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June 25 - UCC Advance

“He who saves will always have” was the slogan of the Latin Bank in Venezuela. Thousands heard the slogan and believed it, investing their money in this bank and trusting in its promised financial security. Then in 1994 the news broke: the Latin Bank had filed for bankruptcy. The bank couldn’t deliver on its promise. People didn’t know if they would ever get their money back.


The United States has gone through similar difficult times as well. In October of 2008 the mortgage industry crash caused a domino effect on the stock market. Others also remember that in October 1987 the stock market plunged 508 points, which some believe was worse than the stock market crash of 1929.


The Bible encourages believers to stay away from debt (Rom. 13:8). Solomon encouraged making provision for the future in order to leave an inheritance for one’s children’s children. Joseph saved grain during seven years of prosperity so that Egypt—and surrounding populations—could survive during seven years of famine. However, scripture also warns, “cursed is the man who trusts in man” (Jer. 17:5).


“Christ is the solid rock. He has enough leverage to move human nature, to overturn greed, and to awaken slumbering spirituality” (Mark Finley, Thirteen Life-Changing Secrets, 104). When believers return a faithful tithe and give liberal offerings as the Lord has blessed them, they are putting their trust in the Lord. The stock market can fail, but the Lord will never fail.


Today’s offering will support conference-wide evangelism programs. That which we invest in God’s service will never be brought to ruin.



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