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Offertory Reading

October 7: Voice of Prophecy (The gospel work throughout the world)

Today’s offering is for the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry. In 1929, H.M.S. Richards sensed that the invention of radio was not simply for the sake of entertainment; it could be used to broadcast the Good News of the second coming of Christ. He was right. Today, countless individuals—perhaps hundreds of thousands—can trace their spiritual birth back to the Voice of Prophecy. His ideas were cutting-edge and Voice of Prophecy continues to innovate and utilize the latest technological advancements.

Voice of Prophecy’s primary focus is evangelism and sharing God’s message of hope. In 2014, Speaker/Director, Shawn Boonstra, held a series of meetings in America’s heartland: Indianapolis. In 2015, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Discover Bible School is the biggest Bible correspondence school on the planet. Tens of thousands have found Christ through Discover using carefully planned and exquisitely guided studies of His Word. Thank you for your offering for the Voice of Prophecy.


2015 North American Division

Mission Investment Projects

Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada

Alberta Conference

The new generation of Cree students on the Maskwacis Reserve is more open to the Adventist way of life. However, very few finish high school. A new high school building is needed to accommodate helping these young people. The Alberta Conference is involved with building the new school and plans to establish a chaplain’s presence that will provide transformational influence in the Cree community, specifically within the Mamawi Atosketan Native School in Maskwacis, Alberta, Canada. This will provide opportunity for spiritual emphasis and individual studies with clergy during the high school years. The goal is to facilitate rapport-building contact with SDA clergy.

Quebec Conference
The goal is to reach French Canadians, second-generation immigrants and First Nations (aboriginal) population in Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada. The need is to rent a building that will be used to provide a place of influence the secular mind. It would be a place to train members, offer services to the community, and provide a reading space in a relaxed environment. Teams of young people would be organized and trained to mingle with the community so as to generate interest in spiritual themes.

Southern Union Conference

South Atlantic Union Conference

West End Church, Atlanta, GA works to meet the needs of Atlanta’s poor underprivileged and at risk families through the West End Family Life and Community Center. They provide educational, social, spiritual, and recreational programs and services to the youth of the community. Their focus for this project is to provide summer camp experience/VBS for 50 children 6-12 years old and the E3 Program for 100 youth 13-21 years old, which consists of two sessions on life–skills, lasting for three months. They will gain a sense of self-respect, personal goals, and education skills that will facilitate their employability.

Georgia Cumberland Conference
This project will help provide rent, food, clothing, schooling, household goods and other necessities to refugees from Burma that have settled in the Atlanta, GA Metro area, specifically Clarkston, GA. The goal is not only to help the refugees but inspire church members to cultivate a attitude of giving to others in need. The local churches in the area would be involved in distributing the necessities to the listed families.