The stewardship department encourages faithful financial support of the Lord’s work through spiritual motivation. It has a selection of materials to assist the church in educating church members in faithful tithing and support of church budget.


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A woman once told her husband, “ I need a little money,” to which her husband replied, “How little do you want?”

This reflects some believers’ attitude toward giving. Some Christians argue that tithing is a legalistic practice from the Old Testament. They seem to ignore the many allusions to tithing in the New Testament. Jesus affirmed tithing (Matt. 23:23), and Paul alluded to it (1 Cor. 9:13–14; 16:2). Regardless, this negative attitude toward tithing appears to be an issue of covetousness rather than legalism. How little will God accept?

A young girl received a silver dollar once. She asked her dad to break it into dimes. She excitedly exclaimed her anticipation of the next week’s church service where she would give her tithe. When Sabbath came and the offering plate passed by her, she dropped one dime in and then a second one. In admiration, her dad inquired, “Why did you give two coins instead of one? Isn’t tithe one tenth?” The little girl replied, “No, daddy, one-tenth belongs to Him and I can’t give to the Lord what is His, so if I give Him anything, I must give Him some of what is mine” (Leslie B. Flynn, Your God and Your Gold, 37).

Perhaps giving is better described as God’s tithes and the believers’ offerings. Paul says that everyone should give in accordance with one’s prosperity (1 Cor. 16:2). Tithes should be the Christian baseline of giving. Tithe acknowledges God’s ownership of everything. Offerings should acknowledge God’s blessings to you.

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